Investment Types: Real Estate

Succession Capital Partners’ Micro-Cap Real Estate Income Product acquires credit, commercial real estate assets that generate superior Investor annual cash yields.

Succession has developed a unique product that allows Investors the ability to achieve excellent current pay yields with the investment safety of BBB- or better credit ratings, coupled with the real tangible value of hard assets with modest equity up-side.

The SCP Micro-Cap Real Estate Income Fund’s Focus:

Single tenant national or regional brand name retailers
Creditworthy or investment grade tenants
Hold period of 7 or more years
Deploy between $1MM to $3MM per investment
Geographic focus on Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern U.S.
Leases will have at least 7 years remaining as of the date of closing
Focus on properties in locations that provide the tenant with substantial commercial traffic and exposure
Leverage our proprietary network of real estate developers, retailers, brokers, and accountants to get unique deal flow
Triple or Double Net Leases only

Succession’s Income Product Objectives:

Income: Stable, consistent and current income in the form of quarterly distributions from cash generated by rental income;

Portfolio Risk Diversification:  The private real estate asset class provides low or negative correlation to the equity or bond markets;

Potential Capital Appreciation: Investors own the underlying asset as well as the quarterly income stream. Once SCP sells the real estate asset, shareholders get the capital appreciation of the real estate;

Lower Market Risk: A lower risk investment through the low leveraged ownership of commercial real estate.

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Investment Criteria

Within our targeted markets, Succession first and foremost looks to continue the success the family held business owners have achieved.

Investment Parameters

Transaction Size: $3 to $30 million.
Succession’s Role: Majority. First institutional capital. Operating Partner active daily.

Company Characteristics

Size of Company: Annual revenues between $3 to $30 million.
Geography: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia

Industry Focus

At Succession Capital Partners, we are operators and will consider an investment in most industries that otherwise meet our criteria.


Serving The Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States


“I carefully selected an investment partner to not only continue the top line growth of JES, but a partner that had the operational expertise to further improve our efficiency and enhance our delivery for our customers. Succession Capital Partners' hands-on commitment and proven track record of working with families, while successfully growing businesses, made them the best firm to entrust with JES’ continued evolution.”

- Jesse Waltz, president and owner of JES Foundation Repair

When considering an exit strategy from my business, I had two towering concerns, my employees and my former customers. Matt made it clear from the beginning that he would take care of both of them by building on my efforts of 32 years and infusing the much needed capital to unleash the full potential of my unique brand and growing it to a level that I never thought possible. I could not be happier with my decision to work with Matt and his team to help move me to the next chapter in my life.

- Allen Gantt, former president of Mount Valley Foundation Services Inc.

"Shipyard Staffing needed to address several internal succession issues, as well as our marine staffing business needed to expand. SCP's philosophy of buying, holding onto and growing companies is truly unique in today's market and exactly what we were hoping to find in a buyer."

- Russell Landry, former owner of Shipyard Staffing

"Succession Capital Partners' understanding of the emotional challenges of selling a family-owned business combined with their depth of industry knowledge and dedication to the growth and professional development of our employees made them the ideal investors for our company."

- Becky Fenska, former owner of PetroChem

"Matt/JES has a vision I embrace - the freedom to grow and to choose our own destiny. With the resources JES will invest in Tar Heel, we now are free to take our mission and purpose throughout the state of North Carolina and beyond,"

- Pete Burgess, CEO of Tar Heel Basement Systems