Real Estate

Assets That Generate Superior Investor Annual Cash Yields

Succession Capital Partners’ Micro-Cap Real Estate Income Product acquires credit, commercial real estate assets that generate superior Investor annual cash yields.

Succession has developed a unique product that allows Investors the ability to achieve excellent current pay yields with the investment safety of BBB- or better credit ratings, coupled with the real tangible value of hard assets with modest equity up-side.

The SCP Micro-Cap Real Estate Income Fund’s Focus:

  • Single tenant national or regional brand name retailers
  • Creditworthy or investment grade tenants
  • Hold period of 7 or more years
  • Deploy between $1MM to $3MM per investment
  • Geographic focus on Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern U.S.
  • Leases will have at least 7 years remaining as of the date of closing
  • Focus on properties in locations that provide the tenant with substantial commercial traffic and exposure
  • Leverage our proprietary network of real estate developers, retailers, brokers, and accountants to get unique deal flow
  • Triple or Double Net Leases only

Succession’s Income Product Objectives:

  • Income: Stable, consistent and current income in the form of quarterly distributions from cash generated by rental income;
  • Portfolio Risk Diversification: The private real estate asset class provides low or negative correlation to the equity or bond markets;
  • Potential Capital Appreciation: Investors own the underlying asset as well as the quarterly income stream. Once SCP sells the real estate asset, shareholders get the capital appreciation of the real estate;
  • Lower Market Risk: A lower risk investment through the low leveraged ownership of commercial real estate.

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