About Succession


Succession Capital Partners specializes in providing liquidity for family-owned businesses and unique and creative solutions necessary for the smooth transition and the continued success of your business.

Since 1998, the principals of Succession have successfully invested in more than 30 family-owned companies across a vast array of industries in the Southeast. Our team has a singular focus on working with and acquiring family-owned businesses. Succession Capital Partners was created to assist with the “succession” of businesses from family control to institutional ownership. Our deep understanding of family-owned business and the unique aspects of those businesses have enabled us to be successful over time and deliver significant returns for our investors.

Since all of our principals are true operators and not financial engineers, we understand the unique challenges that small, family business owners encounter. We have extensive knowledge and experience operating and growing companies, and offer our management teams substantial strategic, financial and operating support.

Meet the Team

Our management team has been involved in over $500 million of total transactions for real-estate investment, leveraged buyouts and growth-capital investments.