Jeannine Peregrine

Jeannine Peregrine

Director of Investor Relations

Mrs. Peregrine is Succession’s internal Finance Manager. In early 2014, Mrs. Peregrine accepted the position of Bookkeeper for Succession’s first Hampton Roads Virginia acquisition, PetroChem Recovery Services. Later that year she was tasked with overseeing payroll at Shipyard Staffing, LLC, SCP’s second Virginia acquisition. She quickly transitioned to the role of Finance Manager and between the two companies now manages a small staff, oversees weekly payroll for over 200 workers, and manages all bookkeeping and accounts.

Jeannine’s background includes tenures at Hewlett Packard Company and First American CREDCO, both in San Diego, California. Prior to joining PetroChem Recovery Services, she spent eight years as a bookkeeper for a long-established electrical contractor in Southeastern Virginia.

Jeannine spent five years of her childhood in Saudi Arabia where she attended a middle/junior high school with students from almost every country on Earth.  Originally from Southern California, she now makes her home in Virginia.